Thursday, June 20, 2024

BOKA Commission of Inquiry opens can of worms

Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) has been polarised by factions that have been fuelled by, amongst others, power struggles, clash of egos, misuse of funds and maladministration. This has been revealed by a commission of inquiry report that was authored by director of sports and recreation at the ministry of youth sports and culture, Falcon Sedimo.

BOKA has recently been hit by a leadership crisis which has crippled the day to day administration of the growing sport. Currently there is an interim committee which was elected last week, following the resignation of four committee members in December last year.

According to the report, which was released earlier on this week, “the resignations were blamed on the internal wrangling and ‘to a lesser extent by external influence.”

The president who was amongst the committee members who handed in their resignations in December last year, was vehemently accused of making unilateral decisions without consulting members belonging to the opposing faction.

The detailed report also indicated that the vice president (technical) took long to relinquish his post as head coach after being elected into the executive committee last May.

“This created tension between members where a perception was created that the situation was being allowed because the incumbent was a close ally to the president. At the time of the interview, there was still no consistency in the understanding that a new head coach had been appointed,” the report said.

The misuse of funds was also mentioned in the report, as one of the main reasons for maladministration at the karate association.

“It came out very clearly that there was lack of appreciation and commitment by the BOKA leadership to retire funds issued to members for various activities which is highly unprocedural and could easily result in misuse of funds at BOKA,” the commission of inquiry report reads.

The report further revealed that allowances for athletes for a Senegal trip last September were still unaccounted for and the president only retired his per diem on October 2 having been given the money on August 7.

The commission also questions over P24, 707.20 given to Andrew Dobolo for a trip to South Africa.

“There is no absolute assurance the funds for the Karate Open Championship in Soweto, South Africa were used for the intended event as per the fund application request.”

An interim committee, which is currently being headed by David Mathe, has been inserted as efforts to find solutions gather pace.


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