Saturday, December 3, 2022

Bokamoso pays retrenched employees

Retrenched employees of Bokamoso hospital are smiling all the way to the bank following the decision to pay them their benefits. A happy former employee of the hospital, who requested to remain anonymous, said that he has just been asked to send his banking details by an employee of the hospital.

“I could not believe what I was hearing after waiting for years. My family will have something to smile about this Christmas,” he said.

Another former employee, who also declined to give his name, said that he first thought that it was a hoax call but then a former colleague called him and told him he had just learnt that they are required to send their bank details to a named employee of the hospital. He did just that and is hoping to be richer this Christmas.

“I am looking forward to a merry Christmas,” he said.

The hospital, one of the biggest private health centres in the country, retrenched its employees after it faced financial difficulties. Its financial troubles were reportedly were amongst others caused by very high unsustainable salaries paid to its doctors and other employees. It was finally liquidated.

The hospital is currently under management of a South African company called Lenmed. BPOMAS retains ownership of hospital properties, land and the building. Reuben Naidoo is the new chief Executive Officer of the hospital.

Bokamoso officials declined to comment referring all questions to Deloitte’s Marx Marinelli, who was reported to be on leave.


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