Monday, July 15, 2024

More than 400 employees retrenched at BotswanaPost

BotswanaPost Chief Executive Officer, Pele Moleta, on Thursday told a press conference that their rationalisation programme had been concluded with 444 employees out of 1100 parting ways with them.

At the start of the programme, Moleta said that 660 staff members had applied for exit but that after thorough screening of the applications, 238 were rejected because it was found that their service and skills were still needed by Botswana Post.

Three hundred and sixty four applications were accepted whilst 80 employees did not apply but on realization that they had not applied, they were approached on the matter and were found to be not meeting the required standards and were retrenched.

He said that the rationalisation exercise had also shown that some employees were wrongly deployed and that such officers were redeployed to posts that suit their skills and experience.

Moleta says that the rationalisation programme was made to make sure the programme of taking services to the people in all corners of the country was improved. For example, he said that BotswanaPost had started accepting payment for electricity bills in some parts of Kgatleng District and that they are in the process of rolling out the programme to other parts of the country.

He added that this service will in the end extend to payment of water bills as well and will be helpful to the people as they will be able to avoid having to travel to major villages and towns for the services.

He said that BotswanaPost is adding products to what they have been traditionally doing, which is to receive and deliver letters, adding that BotswanaPost is still favoured to deliver parcels and mail as it covers all the corners of the country.

He also told the press conference that the process of merging BotswanaPost, Botswana Savings Bank and Botswana Couriers, which is also designed to improve service delivery to the nation, is progressing well.


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