Sunday, September 24, 2023

New private hospital to create 800 jobs in Francistown

FRANCISTOWN – The construction of a privately academic hospital in Francistown is not only expected to augment the country’s health care services but also create employment.

Officiating at the ground-breaking ceremony to mark the commencement of construction of the hospital, the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dorcas Makgato, described the project as a good opportunity for the country as it would create employment for qualified and unqualified youth roaming the streets. 

“This hospital project will create around 800 jobs directly and a similar number indirectly during operational phase. During construction, it is expected to create large number of jobs. This goes to show that the contribution of the private sector in terms of employment creation and economic diversification is vital,” Makgato said. 

Makgato said it was refreshing to see the private sector coming on board to assist government in improving and providing the quality of health care service in the country. 

She paid tribute to Indus Healthcare for setting up an academic hospital in Botswana.

“This project will also stimulate the local economy of northern Botswana. Being a service industry located along the logistical routes to the regional countries we expect this academic hospital to contribute to the government’s economic diversification envisioned in Vision 2036,” said Makgato.

The construction of the hospital is part of Indus Healthcare in expanding on their national healthcare capacity and to render quality service to the people of Francistown and the surrounding areas. The academic hospital is expected to have 150 beds when fully operational.

The hospital is expected to serve not only the growing population of Francistown, but also the surrounding communities especially those situated in the northern part of this country.

The new facility is expected to relieve and provide solution to patients who have been travelling long distances to seek specialised private care from Francistown to Gaborone. 

“Lives will be saved at a lower cost and a reduced burden of travelling for patients and their families,” the minister said.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness considers the private health providers as a partner in the smooth provision of healthcare in the country. The growth and development of the private healthcare in this country means the reduction in transferring of patients to South Africa and other countries for treatment.

Dr Singh Singh the Director of Indus Healthcare said the academic hospital would be specialising in many things such as mother child care, Obstetrics, Gynecology and

Paediatrics among others. 

“We will be able to do organ transplant in our hospital and other medical conditions that need specialists. Singh explained that since 2011 Indus Healthcare had been providing urgent referral clinical services in Botswana. The Indus Healthcare has successfully conducted over 2 000 surgical procedures in major hospitals in Botswana. 

For his part the Indian High Commissioner to Botswana, Ketan Shukla said healthcare has been identified one of the vital areas of possible Africa-India cooperation.

He observed that the there was still a gap in the provision of for healthcare in Africa. 

Indian health specialists and those with expertise in the health sector have the potential to transform healthcare in Africa.

Shakla further observed that good health and wellness are basic human rights and necessary conditions for development. Currently Botswana is facing a rise in lifestyle and non-communicable diseases. 

“It is the responsibility of the state to guarantee access to health care services of the highest standard attainable, Shakla said.

Indus Healthcare having fine-tuned the models for cost-effective and adaptable medical services in India is serving middle and lower income members of the society.

The Indus Healthcare is currently providing medical and medical-support services in Southern and Eastern Africa. These support services include, Information Technology Systems for Health Systems, Consultancy in Hospitals and Healthcare Systems development in Africa. 

Indus has established partnership with Ministry of Health and Wellness and has been providing specialists to eight major hospitals in Botswana.


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