Monday, July 4, 2022

BOPEU denies deserting MoE employees

The President of the Botswana Public Service Union, Andrew Motsamai, has said his organisation has acted on the cases involving Ministry of Education employees that were interdicted early in the year.

Motsamai was responding to accusations that his union had deserted its members during the time of need.

Civil servants working for the Department of Student Placement and Welfare were early this year interdicted on grounds that they were being investigated for possible fraud.

They were later reinstated and transferred to different Departments within the Ministry.
The employees are complaining that Motsamai’s Union had not acted on their behalf since they reported the matter to them.

Denying the accusations, Motsamai, who confirmed that the employees had reported the matter to them, said that as soon as the matter was reported to his organasation, they had raised the issue with their employer, seeking clarification on the matter regarding whether it was legal for employees to work whilst they are still under investigations or not.

He said that they are still waiting for a response from the concerned Ministry.
That, he said, was the only thing they could do as investigations are a normal and legal thing that can be carried out by employers when they feel there is need for one.

Motsamai further stressed that their duty as a Union was to protect the rights of their members and that was exactly what happened in this instance.

“We acted on the issue the minute we received it as we are duty bound to do,” he stressed.
Asked why then the members were complaining, he said that it could be because they had not gone back to them with an answer to their complaint.

“We do not have an answer to the complaint; as soon as we do, we will get back to them then plan the way forward in line with the answer,” he said.

Asked whether it is true that the concerned employees have already taken the matter to Court with a lawyer of their choice, Motsamai said, “I have read that in the newspapers but do not have details of the issue,” he said.


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