Friday, February 23, 2024

BOT50 releases information on distribution of P100 million budget

Botswana Fifty Anniversary of Independence commonly known as BOT 50 has this week released a controversial procurement report of awarded tenders as at 10th June 2016.

BOT50 spokesperson Kebatshabile Tsie told this publication the committee was allocated P100 million to use for the celebrations which amount has been shared between Districts and Botswana Missions abroad. 

Tsie did not specify how much went to Botswana Missions abroad and how much went to the districts. Sources within BOT50 however indicated that the way money is misused is likely to double the initial budget.

According to the report a whopping P12, 753,440.00 was awarded to Redpepper for the services of opening ceremony choreography.

 Choreography is defined as the sequence of steps and movements in dance or figure skating, especially in a ballet or other staged dance. This service will be provided on the 29th September 2016. The tender was awarded on 11 March 2016.

Directing and Coordinating Celebrations on 30th September 2016 was also awarded to Redpepper at P2, 580,408.00. The tender was awarded on 10th March 2016. On 17th February 2016 Digital Lab was awarded P159, 936.00 for Interactive Applications platform.

Computers and Printers will be provided by Red Leaf Stationers at a tender amount of P201, 600.00.  Chip Board for Calisthenics will be provided by Nagee at a tender amount of P229, 012, 00. The tender was awarded on 4th May 2016. Tender for clothes for Calisthenics for 2500 students was awarded in parts for five companies; Premier clothing got P140,000,00, Brandz Unlimited got P78,955,55, Spingo Marketing got P45,360.00, Nagee got P131,600.00 while Chikomo Fashions got P403,200.00

Supply of Botswana Flags tender was awarded to Vertigo Enterprices at tender amount of P31, 813.60. 

2ND image (pty) Ltd will be supplying hand held flags at tender amount of P147, 39200.

Adcraft Advertising will provide Road Show services across 50 villages at a tender amount of P700.000.00. Supply of BOT50 branded blimps will be supplied by Fly Worx at a tender amount of P387, 632.00. Peter Maunge will be responsible for BOT50 Mascot competition at a tender amount of P40,000.00. Supply of Coffee table book goes to Motaki at P1, 042,720.00. Ditiragalo media was awarded Video coverage for the torch at a tender amount of P1,809,825.92 and finally supply of clothing and travel accessories for the torch team was awarded in parts to three companies; Angel Bird at tender amount of P177,172.80, Ecdiwa at tender amount of P167,496.00 and Empire Energy at tender amount of P216,166.88.

Tender for supply of fireworks was cancelled because it is covered by the Botswana Chinese Technical cooperation for the 50th celebrations.

BOT50 spokesperson said information on tenders that are still to be awarded together with prices will be communicated as soon as the tendering and procurement process is over.


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