Monday, March 20, 2023

Family of deceased accuses police of seating on vital information

A war of words has erupted between the police and the family of Shadreck Makobye who went missing for about two months before his body was found hanging from a tree with his insides missing.

The family is demanding that the chief investigator recuses himself and they have engaged an attorney to take up the case while on the other hand the chief investigator says only his seniors can ask him to recuse himself from the case.

Family spokesperson, Kefilwe Moeng, told Sunday Standard that “we are really not pleased about the way the police are conducting their investigations regarding Shadreck death”.

She claimed that they have provided the police with vital information that may lead to the arrest of suspects “but they are doing absolutely nothing”.

“Before his body was recovered, key witnesses were interviewed by the police as well as by the Directorate of Intelligence Services and they were given written statements,” she said.

She asked, “What are the police hiding from us and who are they trying to protect because, as the family, we only want to know what happened to our young brother.”

She said they had received a post mortem report, which said that the pathologist who conducted the post-mortem came to the conclusion that the deceased could have died six weeks before his body was recovered.

She added that the pathologist stated that car oil was applied on his body.

About the P10 000 reward, she said even though they have not received any help from the public, the reward still stands as promised and as was publicly announced during the funeral.

The chief investigator of the case, Detective Superintendent Phenyoitsele Nnanawakoko, said the case is still under investigations.

“I will not recuse myself from the case until my seniors order me to do so but they feel that I am doing exactly what the investigations require,” he said.

About the key witnesses that the family claims they had provided the police with, the investigator simply said, “We are still investigating the case but if there is information we will follow up such information.”

Nnanawakoko said he was unable to discuss the post-mortem report because it belonged to the family concerned.

However, Gaborone based attorney, Dick Bayford, confirmed that the deceased’s family had engaged him to take up the matter.

He said the family feels that they might have been a foul play in his death.

“I only got the post-mortem report a few days ago and will take it from there,” he said.
Makobye was reported missing about four months ago and his decomposed body was found hanging from a tree two months after his disappearance.


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