Sunday, June 16, 2024

Botswana artists comment on Michael Jackson’s passing away

Pop icon Michael Jackson passed away at the age of 50 after a cardiac arrest at his home in Beverly Hills.

Jackson was then rushed to the Los Angeles Medical Center where he reportedly died, leaving three sons.
There was an outpouring of condolence messages from people all over the world.

Our own entertainers here in Botswana remember Michael Jackson and gave us their comments on the man popularly called ‘King Of Pop.’

Maxy Sedumedi, singer:
“The thing I admired most about Michael Jackson was his world class career. I am a fan of every part of his career. But the most memorable has to be the Thriller era, which was during my younger days. He always did unique and new things.

“His death is a big loss to the whole world. He was a great artist indeed. My deep sympathy is with his family. May his spirit live on.”

Modiri ‘MOD’ Keseabetswe, Comedian:
“You Rock My World is a personal favourite; Michael Jackson has had a big impact in the world, musically. And his presence will be sorely missed. One last thing, let me pass my condolences to his family, especially Eugene. Rest in Peace, Michael.”

John Marumo, Playwright:
“I listened to Michael’s music, but particularly enjoyed the Heal The World video, the song itself said something to the world and the way the video was well put together inspired me as an artist.”

Bafana Ribcracker Letsatsi, Comedian:
“Michael Jackson o ne a tshwere gotlhe, my favourite thing about him is that he performed with such passion. No one could do what he did. There were many imitators but there could only be one Michael Jackson. My favourite song of Michael has to be Heal the World, kana nne a lwela lefatshe.

My next favourite has to be You Rock My World, for charming girls, of course.”

Hosni Martin Tsholofelo, Producer of Radijo series:
“My favourite Michael moments have to be the Who’s Bad era. I thoroughly enjoyed his music videos. How they were put together. He was such a performer.”

John Selolwane, Jazz Guitarist:
“I would have been surprised if society had left Michael Jackson alone to die at a ripe old age, and not used him and converted him into non-recyclable trash. I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since the Jackson Five days. And as weird as he had become, I believe he is the greatest black guy to come out of the human race and conquered the world musically. No one, including Elvis Presley, came near; Michael was great.

His family is quite nice. I have had an opportunity to meet Janet and Jermaine Jackson in America and South Korea. Wonderful People. My favourite songs are I’ll Be There, No Sunshine, Billie Jean and Thriller.”


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