Thursday, June 30, 2022

Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT blows audiences away!!

Mascom Wireless this Thursday gave Michael Jackson’s fans and music lovers a chance to be part of the world wide premiere of Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT.

The movie features MJ’s rehearsals of the tour he was supposed to do this summer and also a way of bringing the star closer to his fans and keep his legacies reigning.

Michael Jackson died this spring of 2009 at the age of 50.

The movie features his rehearsals from March to June 2009 for the summer show he was to host in London’s O2 Arena. It gives the audience and his fans world wide a rare behind the scenes look at the performer and how he rehearsed for his forthcoming concert. The whole scenario captures the singer, his dancers, directors, producers, guitarist and all the other production crew at work as he created and perfected his skills for his final show before his untimely death.

Directed by Kenny Ortega and produced by Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware, the movie encapsulates what went on during the singer’s rehearsal. It also shows how he related with his production crew, very energetic and passionate about what he was doing.
From the large attendance that the premiere saw and the fact that tickets were sold out for the premiere, one could tell the man was a legend. It was all joy and glam for those who attended.

His fans in Botswana shared their views about the piece, most of them noting that it’s a must have movie as it is a memorabilia of what the king of pop used to do.

Lucy Chilongo said that she personally thinks it is the one thing that could ever be done for MJ’s fans. She noted that the whole show was good and superb stating that, “from the show you can clearly see that MJ was someone who did his music with all his heart. He was always active and related well with his production crew,” she said.

Chilongo added that it was very kind of Michael Jackson’s Estate to put this together for the fans and music lovers as it will always keep the singer close to his fans more so that it includes behind the scenes footage.

“The show is interesting and one would never get tired of watching it as the singer portrayed so much energy and is also inspirational, looking at the way he did his thing. Through the show, he will always be remembered,” she added.
“It was fabulous and excellent. We get to see something never likely to be seen anywhere, thus a rare chance to get to see the performer behind the scenes,” said Monirul Bhuiyan, adding that a lot of things were learned from the movie, for example, how the production team worked.

“Though they never expected to be seen on TV anytime soon, they were so tight in what they were doing and always focused,” he added. He further said from the show one gets to see that Michael Jackson was not only a singer but a performer too, hence his name The King of Pop.

Tracy Matlhape also shared the same sentiments with the above saying that from the admirable attendance the show received, it shows how good Michael Jackson was.

“I had fun and enjoyed every minute of it. We got to see something we never expected we would ever see behind the scenes! Wow!” she said.
She noted that from watching the movie, it explains why the man was called the king of pop and why he will always remain a legend.


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