Monday, June 24, 2024

Botswana Democratic Party Youth wing distances itself from party factions

The embattled Botswana Democratic Party Youth League on Tuesday cleared the mist surrounding its alleged participation in the raging on-going party factional wars, insisting it is neutral and does not endorse public bashing of party members, especially ahead of the national congress billed to elect the party leadership during this weekend in the opposition stronghold of Kanye.

Speaking at a press conference for the first time since he was reinstated from suspension on allegations of misappropriation of party’s funds, the youth league chairperson lamented the deteriorating state of affairs the BDP leadership was taking as it headed for the election of the new leadership.

“We, as the elected BDP youth members, have been bestowed with the responsibility to see that the organisation’s national mandate, which is youth empowerment, becomes a reality. We as BDP youth wing are not aligned to any party factions and are not campaigning for any individuals as we adamantly believe such a move is not healthy for the party,” argued Motsaathebe.

The BDP youth wing president maintains the organization lobbies for inter-party democracy as stipulated in the party constitution and disregards public campaigns aimed at tarnishing another member.

“BDP youth league believes in a democratic society where democrats are free to choose a candidate of their choice. We do not buy a situation where candidates are pushed down the throats of individuals. We believe the democrats must be free. It is unfortunate that fellow democrats decided to attack one another at freedom squares.”

Almost the entire BDP youth league committee was suspended this year, following money misappropriation but were absolved by the disciplinary committee and was reinstated, with Motsaathebe assuming the position of chairperson.

For some time now, the institution has been associated with the Kwelagobe-Kedikilwe (Barata-Phathi) faction ÔÇô the arch-rival to the Merafhe-Nkate A-team, both of which are fighting hard for the control of the party.

Of late, the two camps have been going flat out against each other.
Worse still, the party’s president, Ian Khama, is not spared as he is perceived to be aligned to the A-Team.


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