Monday, May 20, 2024

‘BNF party youth activist not impressed by party’s central committee

At a time when the party appears to be at peace, rebellious and notorious Botswana National Front Youth wing activist, Arafat Khan, has poured scorn at his party’s central committee and accuses it of being weak.

His remarks come two weeks after the party’s leadership forum that was held in Goodhope.
“Duma Boko is a strong President with a weak central committee,” Khan told the Sunday Standard in an interview.

Khan is of the view that the entire BNF central committee, save for Boko, should not be re-elected at the party’s national congress in 2013. Already he has stated lobbying for his preferred candidates.

The BNF central committee comprises among others Harry Mothei, Nono Kgafela-Mokoka, Moeti Mohwasa, Aubrey Lesasu, MP Reggie Reatile and Maemo Bantsi.

Khan accuses the BNF leadership of failing to engage the youth league to come up with a working plan through which expelled members will be re-admitted back to the party.

The BNFYL is also understood to be fuming after Secretary General Akanyang Magama said at the party’s recent leadership forum that the youth wing and other ancillary organs should not make policy pronouncements which embarrass the party.

Khan says that he is aware that his criticism of the party leadership might warrant an expulsion, but this does not dissuade him from speaking his mind.

“The leadership is out to settle scores and frustrate people but am ready for anything,” he said.
He singled out Magama as one person who is likely to swiftly take action against him for his views
“If he has in the past suspended Duma Boko and Kenneth Koma then who is Arafat khan,” he stated.
Contacted for comment, Magama, the BNF general secretary refused to comment on Khan’s statements.
“I do not want to engage anyone through the media,” said Magama.

The BNF leader denied that Khan, along with other youth activists, were denied a right to speak at the party’s leadership forum. He said that a number of youth leaders made meaningful contributions at the leadership forum.

“As I speak to you, there is no expelled or suspended person and nobody is going to be expected to re-apply,” said Magama. He also said that it was also impossible to hold a conference where everyone attending the meeting gets a chance to speak.


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