Thursday, September 28, 2023

Botswana falling behind in implementing waste management policies

Botswana is said to be lagging behind in implementing waste management policies that could effectively reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

The Organiser of Zero Waste BW symposiums, Whitney Molefhi has expressed concerns about government’s failure to take responsibility in dealing with issues which are in line with Climate Change and eventually impacting negatively to the Environment. 
In an interview with The Telegraph ahead of the planned month end event which is aimed at sensitizing members of the public on the issue, Molefhi cited statistics from local government which show that majority of the waste dumped into landfills can be recycled, and that public awareness and education is low. 
She said the country is not doing enough to help deal with issues of waste management in the country particularly training and educating the youth. The Zero Waste BW symposium is expected to bring together local and international waste management experts under one roof to discuss solutions and strategies to improve waste management in Botswana.

“The event is basically to engage our leaders with the help of international expertise to share with Batswana the benefits of recycling waste material into use,” said Molefhi. She also said a lot of Batswana are clueless on the benefits of using waste material and if government can draft some policies which can help create employment then a lot can graduate from poverty using untapped waste materials.

She said using waste materials should not be seen as something which is done by unfortunate individuals, but should be regarded as a form of employment creation and government should come up with initiatives which are sustainable in the form of using waste material. The 2 day symposium and fashion show will be held on the 27th and 28th of this month in Gaborone.


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