Sunday, June 16, 2024

Botswana hosts Conversational Leadership Conference

Bizkid International will next week Thursday, June 18, host the inaugural Conversational Leadership Conference at the Riverwalk Capitol Cinema in Gaborone. With the theme ‘Process, Create, Change’, Bizkid International has lined up some of the respected and renowned business-speakers in the region to lead the conversations during this three-hour Business, Entrepreneurial, Leadership and Motivational forum with the view to challenge leaders to transform and re-evaluate procedures for their operational processes.

Some of the speakers who will participate at the event are Lesang Magang of Phakalane Golf Estates & Resort, the charismatic Moshe Seloko of Moshe Seloko Speaks, Boago Ramogapi, Roche Mamabolo from South Africa and the ever energetic TJ Malamule also from South Africa. The speakers are expected to deal with a host of common and relevant, as well as inevitable business challenges facing entrepreneurship and business leadership in Africa, especially Botswana, sharing ideas, experiences, challenges and advice with the hope of instilling positive attitude on how people view and take on entrepreneurship in Botswana.

One of the event organisers, Obakeng Serole of Maemu Brands, said they believe that an ongoing learning attitude is needed to cultivate the culture for success in business. “Our aim is to inspire the intentional use of conversation, illustrations and presentations as a core process to develop the collective intelligence needed to create business and social values”, she said in an interview. Serole said the Conversational Leadership Conference encompasses a way of seeing, a pattern of thinking, and a set of practices that are particularly important today when the most important questions are complex, requiring the development of new ways of thinking to foster positive change.

Commenting on the importance of the conference, one of the speakers, Moshe Seloko said, “What we do today, at this point in time, will determine what the future will be like as Prosperity and Peace are created by the human mind and the more we stretch our minds and develop entrepreneurial attributes, the more the solutions to problems will follow”. Seloko said effective entrepreneurial education is urgently needed to shift the old paradigm away from only learning about “what is” towards learning and thinking of “what can be”. Seloko also said the attendants will leave the conference fully equipped with the confidence of taking business risks and the desire to try out different business approaches.

“In one of my books, I wrote that the reason why some people haven’t moved is solely because of fear. The voice of fear is so crippling it will find anything to keep the status quo”, he said. “That’s right, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is being tricked beyond your imagination and the way out is to disrupt this voice”, Seloko emphasized. The ticket to the conference costs P500 and can be purchased at 7502222.


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