Sunday, April 21, 2024

Botswana in campaign to empower rural women

The government has put together an affirmative action style strategy to help Batswana women take their place in the corporate world.

The Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Peter Siele, last week outlined how government has joined hands with NGOs to advance women’s empowerment through investing in profitable ventures.

Siele was fielding questions from The Sunday Standard during the Ninth Annual Women’s exposition at Boipuso hall.
Women of diverse talents from across the country were brought together in a bid to give them business exposure and lay foundations from which they will build their businesses.

Siele explained that the women’s exposition was one of many carefully planned strategies put together by the ministry to empower Batswana women, especially those living in rural areas.
“Women are given a chance to expose and contest their business skills on the international level and familiarize themselves with market requirements.”

Throughout the presentations and skillful displays by the women, it became apparent that the ministry’s focus was mainly on women living in rural areas because they have, for a long time, been alienated from development that would help launch them in the corporate world.

The ministry has been offering free courses to women citizens in the form of arts and crafts, upholstery and many other forms of handwork.

Segakweng Tsiane, from the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, pointed out that the theme had remained the same as that of last year: “Innovation and Creativity”. Tsiane said those were the drivers behind the success of this year’s exposition.

“Women in most parts of the world, listen to men at home while men listen to women at work,” said the VIP guest, Ding Xiaowen, China’s ambassador to Botswana.

Although on the face of it, this balances the scales of equality, Xiaowen feels that more should be done for Batswana women.


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