Thursday, April 25, 2024

Women in finance to open a chapter in Botswana

Women in Finance (WIF), an internationally reputable advisory company aimed at helping women to climb up the business ladder, is to open up a chapter in Botswana.

WIF is a South African company founded in 2005 in a bid to tackle issues of financial illiteracy and access to finance of individuals and business owners.

The company aims at promoting various opportunities through networking, mentorship, training, collaboration, entrepreneurship development and support.

Of late, WIF has two women directors based in South Africa, director and founder Colleen Larsen and Ingrid Overstone.

Speaking at a conference held at the Grand Palm hotel and attended by a raft of stakeholders from the banking institutions ÔÇö among them First National Bank (FNB) and Barclays ÔÇö and other services providers, Larsen said WIF is open to all individuals who are employed or self employed.
“The branch based in South Africa has an intake of 60% males and 40% females and we have hope that Botswana males will also take heed of this viable financial institution and join,” said Larsen.

The organization offers variety of programmes which are aimed at building entrepreneurialship which is also supported by mentorship programmes.
It offers a full six months course in which young business entrepreneurs are being mentored into the corporate world.
Through their mentorship programmes, Larsen said that they are able to advise young entrepreneurs and help them organize their ideas in a constructive manner.

“We don’t believe in giving handouts otherwise one wouldn’t grab the concepts or understand the challenges of being a player in the business world, “Larsen said.

First Mortgage director, Boitshepho Bolele, praised the move to bring WIF to Botswana saying that it does not undermine the already existing agencies within the country but rather ensures that Batswana are competitive on an international scale.

“It also strengthens cross boarder relations between our country and the much advanced South Africa,” Bolele said, adding that WIF is expected to start offering its course programme within a month and urged those interested to sign up for membership.
“Anyone who wants to become a member can visit our website online or sign a form in hard copy and they will be evaluated for admission,” Overstone said.


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