Saturday, July 20, 2024

Botswana Life CEO urges the youth to be innovative

The Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Life Insurance Limited, Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele, has urged young people to embrace innovation as the direction in which the world is moving. Lesetedi-Letegele said this at the inaugural Botswana Pre and Primary Subjects Fair Association (BOPPSFA) Fair, which was held in Gaborone recently.
Addressing the students at the Fair, the CEO inspired the youth by highlighting some of the biggest global corporations that have become iconic because of their innovative business strategies. She further highlighted Botswana’s own success stories when it comes to innovation, and encouraged the youth to think outside the box in order to make a name for themselves.
“You’re very fortunate to be growing up in a world with satellite television and internet. These resources are great tools for exposure and research. Because of them, your world is no longer confined to the borders of this country only; they have turned us all into global citizens. Stretch your creative boundaries; don’t be afraid to be different,” Lesetedi-Letegele implored the students.
“At Botswana Life, innovation is our key differentiator. With all the changes that are taking place in business over the last few decades, the only way that companies can survive is by being innovative. As a company, we have been able to stay in the business for 38 years because we keep innovating and redefining the rules of engagement. We do this by staying ahead of our competitors and bringing out innovative products and technological platforms that improve our business. This has worked well for us, and we’re proud to be the largest and most experienced life insurance company in Botswana today.”
The BOPPFSA Fair showcased the skills of primary school students across all subjects that are offered under Botswana’s curriculum.
On behalf of Botswana Life, Lesetedi-Letegele pledged funds to the Association to assist in running the significant affairs of the Association and organising meaningful fairs to reward unearthed talent and motivate our future leaders.


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