Saturday, March 2, 2024

Botswana-made drilling rig to be exported across the world

Bauer Dewet Equipment has released a latest edition of Blast Hole Drilling Rig, RHINO 2200, designed and manufactured in Rasesa and the first of its kind in the field of heavy engineering in Botswana, a new development which is expected to have Botswana counted in the technology arena.

Speaking at the launch, the Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Johnie Swartz, said the formation of Blast Hole Drilling Rig: RHINO 2200 is a good example of private sector participation in the field of Research, Development and Innovation.

“Research Science Technology and Innovation have a lot to offer to diversification and growth of the economy,” he said.

Swartz said this venture, apart from generating foreign income, will also lead to the intellectual and skills empowerment of Batswana.

“I am confident that this is only the beginning of bigger and better things to come and that Bauer Dewet will bring other solutions to Botswana’s emerging mining, energy and Infrastructure sectors,” he said.

The latest innovation, known as the “Rhino”, is said to be highly sophisticated and each such machine will be worth P15 million pula.
“Very soon the “Rhinos” will be exported outside the country, which will help diversify our exports as a country that traditionally exports mainly diamonds and beef,” said Swartz.

Swartz added that another prototype for a multi-purpose rig, to be called Buffalo 90, is already under construction in the factory for completion by year end. That particular rig is earmarked for on-shore oil and gas drilling across the world.

“These units will be globally marketed leading to diversification of Botswana’s foreign income stream,” he said.

Added Swartz: “These two prototype rigs are going to be trendsetters in the drilling industry and likely lead to manufacturing of many units at Rasesa.”

Dewet Drilling’s association with the Bauer Group from Germany started 5 years ago and led to the formal establishment of the joint venture manufacturing company named Bauer Dewet Equipment here in Botswana.

Bauer, based in Germany, is a global player in the construction industry and has an annual turnover of P15 billion with 6000 employees.

Bauer Dewet has manufactured some of the models, like the Elephant Drill rig, which pioneered large diameter drilling in Botswana leading to the successful evaluation of AK6 and BK11 diamond mines.

Bauer Dewet is registered with the Botswana Innovation Hub, which aims to develop Botswana towards a knowledge economy by bringing in and establishing knowledge and technology-based businesses and relevant Research and Development activities. Swartz said the new Blast Hole Drilling Rig: RHINO 2200 will be deployed at Orapa diamond mine for production.


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