Monday, October 3, 2022

Botswana set to benefit from FIA

The emergency service company, Emergency Assist 991, is now set to benefit more from its association with a similar service provider of international repute, especially so after the visit to Botswana by the Director General of Federation International del’Automobile Region One, Peter Dogwiller, of which Assist 991 is an affiliate member.

Dogwiller has said during his 4 days stay here, “Having qualified to be a full member of FIA, FIA is now duty-bound to make available quality services for Botswana and the full members of Emergency Assist 991”.

Emergency Assist 991 affiliation to FIA comes as a milestone achievement for the whole nation of Botswana. As a member of FIA members of Emergency Assist stand to benefit from roadside assistance whenever they travel to countries which have companies that have been accredited by FIA.

Federation of International del’Automobile, popularly known as FIA, is a nonprofit making association established as the Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus on June 20 1904 to represent the interests of motoring organizations. FIA constitutes of more than 140 clubs worldwide and is divided into different parts, including motorsport. To the general public, and FIA is commonly known as the governing body for many motor racing events. Its prominent role is in the licensing and arbitration of Formula One motor racing.
The other part of FIA which is more pertinent to Botswana is the mobility pillar which does this through the IRAP to build the better road networks and reduce mortality rates on public roads.

As a host country of Emergency Assist 991, Botswana stands to benefit from the services of IRAP. The Managing Director of Emergency Assist 991, Samuel Modiasane, said, “IRAP could assist government by bringing in experts to assess local roads and thus make them better and safer.” IRAP has already made assessment on countries like South Africa and Kenya.

Dogwiller encouraged the Government on the assessment of infrastructure, the quality of vehicles and drivers in the country since this would help in reducing accidents on the roads.

Additionally, he encouraged the government to take seriously the 2009 Moscow declaration on Road safety and implement measures that would reduce the major public health problem and leading cause of death and injury around the world, road accidents.
Modiasane applauded the recently amended road traffic act saying that it was necessary in order to reduce accidents and the good work that is being done on the speed traps.

Dogwiller also noted that registered members could host motor race events. He has encouraged youngsters to venture into go-kart racing for it would enable them to become proper drivers. For they will understand the speed and power of the car and will not have anything to prove on the road.


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