Saturday, July 13, 2024

Botswana urged to go hi-tech and adopt fuel marking technology

In a bid to combat fuel smuggling, dilution and adulteration, petroleum dealers have been encouraged to work collectively in the implementation of fuel marking technology.

The innovation which is increasingly being adopted by several countries ensures that markers are added to refined fuels by national governments to combat smuggling, dilution and adulteration.

Speaking during a stakeholder meeting in fuel marking in Gaborone on Friday morning, Mark Tobbing said the technology will assist curb the continuous illegal selling of fuel and the smuggling of petroleum products in the country.

“Illegal traders have unquestionably caused a lot of damage to property and loss of human lives because of their sub-standard storage of petroleum products. This is why i find it imperative for Botswana to bring sanity in the petroleum business,” he said.

Fuel marketers install marking programs to thwart dealers from grade switching and guarantee proper levels of chemical addition are present.

Amongst other things, he said adoption of this technology will thwart efforts by petroleum dealers to dodge taxes by smuggling fuel. “This will be of benefit to the government as it ensures the smooth collection of revenue for the country.”

Currently Ghana is believed to be leading in this technology in Africa. Stake holders who attended the meeting expressed confidence in the technology but called upon the government to guarantee them safety from exploitation in the process since the idea is relatively new to Botswana.


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