Friday, June 21, 2024

Lengau and DGB to bring top wine brands to Botswana

With more than 10 years of distributing wine in Botswana, Lengau Wine Company, a privately owned wine distributor, now boasts of a large portfolio of wines and spirits that were carefully selected for the local market.

On Thursday the company announced that it has been appointed an agent for DGB (Pty) Limited. DGB joined forces with Lengau to improve its wine distribution footprint in Botswana. Through the merger, Botswana becomes the 87th country that DGB exports to.

The launch was announced at a wine and liqueur tasting session at the Lengau Wine Company warehouse, where various wine brands like Boschendal, Bramton, Douglas Green and Antonella Tiramisu were on display.

“We are so happy that DGB has appointed us as their agent because they are one of the region’s leading producers of wines and spirits. This can only mean a bright future for us,” said Chantell Van Nierkerk, Events and Training Manager at Lengau Wine Company.
The appointment brings elegant and internationally acclaimed award winning brands like Boschendal into Lengau’s portfolio.

“Our aim is to introduce wine drinking as a healthier lifestyle alternative across Africa. We also want to heighten education on food and wine pairing. Interestingly, chocolate and wine are also the best of buddies,” said DGB Marketing Manager for Africa, Jorge Ferreira.

He said this will be done through fun and interactive promotional events which are in Lengau Wine Company’s calendar for 2014.

“We want Batswana to come to terms with the fact that it is criminal in the culinary world to have wine without food. Every wine has its food companion and the secret is to have substantial knowledge, which is on us to pass on,” said Ferreira.

He said the fact that most African countries cannot have vine yards because of unfavourable weather conditions should not limit their knowledge and appreciation of wines.

“We are headquartered in South Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America only but we feel the rest of the world deserves to be accustomed to all the goodness of wines and all other products that we have on offer. Ours is to make sure that they reach all corners of the world,” said Ferreira.


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