Friday, June 21, 2024

BotswanaPost, Orange partner on prepaid roll-out plan

BotswanaPost and Orange Botswana stood shoulder-to-shoulder last week as they unveiled a new world of Virtual airtime accessibility ÔÇô an agreement that signifies an important milestone in the lives of many customers who will be able to recharge their prepaid mobiles at selected Post Offices across the country.

BotswanaPost Acting Customer Service Director, Ned Phatshwne, said the facility forms part of Orange Botswana prepaid enhancement strategy, as well as its initiatives of spreading products and services throughout the country, especially to the rural areas.

“The products and services, which will be available through this arrangement, include SIM card sales and replacement, in addition to purchasing of airtime,” he said.

Botswana Post is to use 34 Post Offices to offer the services out of its 119 offices and 75 postal agencies spread across the country. According to the plan, at least 50 postal offices are expected to offer the services by the end of this year.

“All these initiatives are in line with national aspirations as espoused in Vision 2016 pillars of building an educated and informed nation that is also prosperous, productive and innovative,” he stated.

BotswanaPost has positioned itself as an important communication medium for business and commerce, apart from mail delivery and parcel delivery.
As part of the Maitlamo project, Botswana Post aims to play a pivotal role in reducing the information gap between nations, communities and, indeed, between individuals.

“It is evident now more than ever, that the postal service infrastructure can be optimized by using it to bring traditional postal products and services to the people but also make contemporary information dissemination tools available from informed decision making at individual level,” he said.
“This agreement shows that Orange and BotswanaPost has similar mandates in providing simple universal communication enhancements and bridging the communication gap by taking services to the people of Botswana,” said Karabo Tlhabiwe, Public Relations Manager for Orange Botswana.
BotswanaPost has been the pioneer on providing the nation with the postal infrastructure and basic saving skills covering a large swathe of areas, including even most rural areas.

“The reason why Orange decided to partner with BotswanaPost is because there is a demand on prepaid offers, and BotswanaPost offers a platform to reach huge numbers of both current and prospective Orange customers,” explained Tlhabiwe.

“Orange Botswana truly believes that life is better without walls between the places, people, information and entertainment that the customers love,” he said, adding that the agreement, therefore, shows that both Orange Botswana and BotswanaPost are striving towards this universal service as a right to their current and prospective customers.


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