Thursday, March 23, 2023

BotswanaPost sponsors local biker

Botswana Post Marketing Manager, Minky Selabe, said Botswana Post has considered contributing towards buying the current quad Bike off Road Champion in Botswana and the Khawa Champion Motsumi Lekone, a new bike worth P115 000 and giving him cash amounting to P57 500.

“We were approached by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture on his behalf. They requested sponsorship for him,” said Selabe. She said, previously, Botswana Post has been sponsoring other Batswana in a Biker race and this time they wanted other Batswana to benefit from the sponsor.

Selabe said they looked at Lekone’s achievement and found it important to sponsor him. She said they had the option too repair his bike, which he has been using since 2004 or buy him a new one.

“We believe the new bike will help him to perform better with the better engine it has,” she added.
Selabe said the agreement runs for a period of 3 years. She explained that they have agreed on the co-branding with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to co-brand Lekones bike.

“He shall be allowed to use the bike in other events related to the Desert Race,” she said, adding that in the next years they shall focus on maintaining the contribution they have just given out.

Speaking to the excited Lekone, he referred all questions relating to the contribution he got to Botswana Post. Lekone though confirmed receiving contribution from Botswana Post but kept laughing when quizzed how much it is.

He revealed that other contributions include Solid Trust with P2 000 and Tebzen Investment giving out P500.

“The MYSC and Bontleng Engen have been sponsoring me so I wait to receive the support also from them,” said Lekone. He also expressed the need to change the bike to a new one citing that the one he has is worn out.

“But with or without money, I promise to do my best with the little resources I have,” he said. Lekone said his sport is expensive because that includes preparing a bike for the race, entrance fees, license fee, insurance and may more.

Referring to the race, Lekone said there are rumours that the route they know had been changed but added that that does not put any pressure on him.

“We shall know of the route a day before the race. But, all in all, that is not a problem, we have home advantage,” said Lekone. He said he is not the only Motswana in the race but Thato Mabina and Junior Sekolokwane (his cousin) are also in the race.

Lekone also acknowledges his supporters, saying that they are always wearing white T-Shirts with the sponsors name on them.

“They know my bike is white and I will not, therefore, change it,” said Lekone.

He stated that on the 19th this month, they shall be doing documentation where the Bikes and documents will be checked.

“The race starts on the 20th at Kumakwane and will finish on the 21st. It will be a 500km per-day race (250 loops) and the compulsory de-control of 15 minutes.


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