Friday, July 12, 2024

BotswanaPost upgrades systems to Posopay

Systems upgrades at the Botswana Post will bring cutting edge technology to Botswana and internationally. The advent of POSOPAY e-portal service has remodeled the post office from traditional operator to a service provider postal operator.

The service is expected to usher in an opportunity to customers with 24/7 service access to Botswana markets in a convenient and reliable way and to purchase goods from anywhere in the country and internationally.

“We recognise that the landscape and competition in general is highly influenced by technology,” said, Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, the Head of Business Development at Botswana Post.

Botswana Post endeavors to leverage on electronic communications, advanced payment systems and multi channel access and mobile communications to develop revenue streams.

The portal has a shopping mall from which you can immediately purchase stationery, fine arts and Samsung products. Another interesting feature of this portal is a seamless e-ticketing module that is able to deliver unlimited number of events simultaneously. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are connected to this portal.

Ramatlhakwane said the portal is geared to make Botswana Post ready to provide the e-government services soon as they are available for the public. In due course the service will feature advanced payment system by providing Batswana with the capability to purchase prepaid electricity pay their post paid electricity bills and pay electricity connection fees on real time.

Customers can use VISA, Debit, Credit, American Express, and MasterCard to purchase any product or make payments.


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