Sunday, August 14, 2022

Panasonic Business Systems rebrands to PanSolutions Dealership Botswana

The Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Gaolebe Lekula, has said that PanSolutions Dealership Botswana (Pty) Ltd’s initiatives to grow business and create citizen employment fall in line with the just passed Botswana Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Bill’s (BTRA) legislative framework,.

Officially launching PanSolutions rebranding from Panasonic Business Systems in Gaborone recently, Lekula said the BTRA Act was designed to create an enabling environment to facilitate participation of wholly citizen-owned business ventures in economic growth and diversification with specific reference to ICT and Telecommunications Services.

Unveiling the new corporate logo, Lekula said: “We appreciate PanSolutions’ milestone achievements and efforts representing tangible private sector participation, relieving Government of some of the burden. The BTRA Act facilitates PBS growth in the engagement of bigger, better employees and provision of ICT and Telecommunications Services,” said Lekula when unveiling the new corporate logo. “As the Act creates a converged regulator bringing efficiencies in the ICT and Telecommunications sector, PanSolutions’ endeavours clearly demonstrate that as Batswana we believe in ourselves to match the rest of the world and be up there with the best. Be that as it may, the company has become a source of inspiration towards citizen participation in growing and diversifying the country’s economy and empowering Batswana.”

He added: “ICT and Telecommunications Services are key drivers in modern economic development globally, because of the significant reduction in terrestrial distances and instantaneous communication at the touch of a button. Tribute goes to the founding entrepreneurs, who metarmophosised phoenix like from the humble beginnings of one to a 16 personnel-fast growing corporate competing with only the best, since inception in 1996.”

PanSolutions Managing Director, Mompati Nwako, said beginning with the founding patron, Barney O’Rilley, as the only employee, the company had made enviable achievements employing 15 people almost half making up the technical team. PSB has come a long way since the time when Panasonic South Africa came to Botswana looking to establish a presence.

The resultant growth of PBS has influenced the complimentary growth and establishment and proliferation of the Panasonic range of products, locally. These include the full range of photocopiers, faxes, Telecommunication PABXs, phone and presentation equipment such as (overhead) projectors.

“It didn’t end there; Panasonic came up with a class leading rugged laptop aptly dubbed the Toughbook for the difficult outdoor environment such as mines or trying geological terrain. These, however, evolved with new cyber births of the Kyocera copier and printer range and Samsung products. Our distributor network, the Regional Channel found it necessary to review our brand and how the market identified us,” said Nwako. “However, we are not re-branding, but falling in line with the rest of the distributorship network, bringing on board synergies that can be leveraged through marketing and technical backup.”

He called for proactive customer feedback to implement continuous product and service improvement to be in line with the new brand, PanSolutions.

The South African-based PanSolutions Holdings Ltd Managing Director, Neil Stopforth, said the new look company tallies with the entire acquisition of PBS by Nwako, with the final part of the change journey as the rebranding for the birth of PanSolutions in Gaborone.

“I congratulate and assure him on this achievement of our support, expressing pride in having association with PanSolutions Gaborone,” Stopforth said. “As a proud supplier to PBS Gaborone over the past 25 years, we have experienced and witnessed tremendous change in products and technology. The hardware printing devices integrate with a variety of software offerings in order to provide the solutions customers require.”


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