Monday, July 22, 2024

BOTUSAFE lifts the spirits of Hukuntsi orphans

BOTUSAFE Investment Pty Ltd, a citizen joint venture company, elevated the spirits of Roman Catholic Women Association (CWA) and orphans in Hukuntsi by handing them P40 000 to purchase hampers.

Speaking last week at the handover ceremony for the cheque at BOTUSAFE office in Gaborone, founding Director Martin Ragontse said, “Our desire is to assist with a recreational centre for the orphans and we are sincerely assisting as well as support for the orphans who are like a forgotten species in our society. We are really concerned about their plight and their loneliness.”

Ragontse revealed that the first gesture was a few months earlier when BOTUSAFE visited the Tirompe family in Molepolole to assess the progress of their project of constructing a family house. The project is expected to be completed soon by Ikago Centre based in Molepolole.

He said the family’s mother died in 2005 and left seven orphaned children. Prior to the event, a sponsored walk was held to raise funds. “The construction of the house project is done by Ikago centre boys, and it is a three bed roomed house with lounge, kitchen and bathroom. BOTUSAFE is the first company in Botswana to act as a central register for non statutory deductions from government payroll. It also has developed assets of over P10 million within the five years of operation,” he said.

┬áBOTUSAFE Vice Chairman Justice Kgabeng said their team support spirit should enable them to reach every corner of the country. “It is our mutual responsibility towards the orphans; it is high time we join hands to show that we care. Our ambition is to extend this country and not only Hukuntsi orphans,” he said.

The gesture, which has now become a common feature of BOTUSAFE’s regular corporate social responsibility practice among underprivileged communities, was borne of compassion and the desire for a just and caring nation worthy of the ideals espoused by the country’s Vision 2016, Kgabeng added.

Receiving the cheque, Catholic Priest, Father William Horlu said they would utilize the money to buy toilets for boys and girls, 50 children’s pre-school plastic chairs and tables among other things.

“Our monthly budget runs out because of the huge number of children we feed on daily basis,” said Father William.

He further said that they are assisting 250 orphans in Zutshwa, Maale, Ncaang, Ngwatle and Ukhwi settlements led by Mrs Mudadi Karen of the Lobatse branch.


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