Friday, August 12, 2022

Boxing tournament still to find a sponsor

One of Botswana Boxing Association’s premiere sporting events, the Best of the Best tournament, is struggling to find sponsors.

The tournament, which pits the country’s best performing boxers against each other, has now been postponed while BOBA tries to find sponsors for the prestigious tournament.

Unlike BOBA’s other premiere event, the Keone Mooka Mageu National Championships, the Best of the Best Tournament is yet to find a long term sponsor, let alone a once off sponsor for its next edition. As a result, the tournament, which was due to be held sometime in November this year, has now been moved to February next year.

Speaking in an interview, BOBA’s Publicity and Information Secretary, Willoughby Kemoen, said his association is currently in talks with potential sponsors to try source a sponsorship for the prestigious tournament.

He said that the association is hopeful that the postponement will give the potential sponsors a chance to look into the issue and hopefully make decisions before the tournament is due next year.
The Best of the Best tournament’s lack of sponsor is nothing new, with the tournament having not had a long term partner since inception.

Meanwhile, Kemoen said BOBA and its affiliates will relook the issue of finding a Marketing Company to help the association source sponsors. Two years since BOBA executive put it forward to its affiliates the need for the association to find a marketing company to look at helping it source sponsors, the issue is yet to be resolved and ‘has been shelved.’

At the time, the association had decided that it would be better to find a marketing company as it can help do the job better. According to Kemoen, the problem came with affiliates not agreeing on whether it was the best route to take.

“Some of the affiliates agreed to the idea but some were not sure. They were skeptical as to the method of payment to the marketing company, which would have been in the form of commission on the sponsorship accrued,” Kemoen added.

He said at the time, they had already identified two marketing companies as potential partners but due to the difference in opinion between the affiliates, the idea was shelved before any company could be appointed to spearhead the sponsorship drive. The BOBA Publicity and Information Secretary is, however, optimistic that the issue of finding a private marketing company will still be revisited sometime in future when BOBA and its affiliates meet.

Other issues that the BOBA executive is still to make headway on include the long standing issue of broadcasting rights for their premium events. While both the Keone Mooka Mageu National Championships and the Best of the Best tournaments enjoy live broadcasts, courtesy of Botswana Television (Btv), BOBA is yet to reap the benefits of the partnership with the State broadcaster.

Under the current setup, BOBA forfeits its broadcasting rights payments from Btv to allow the state broadcaster to cover its production budget. As a result, BOBA does not get any revenue from the partnership.

Concerning the issue, Kemoen said the association is planning to meet with all concerned to thrash a way forward on how best the association can generate revenue from their partnership with the state broadcaster.

“We are planning to sit down with our sponsors as well as Btv to try and come up with ideas on how best we can generate some revenue from this partnership,” Kemoen said.


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