Saturday, June 22, 2024

Boy assaulted for acting out ‘Generations’ with 3-year-old

An 11-year-old primary school boy is in a Molepolole hospital, recovering from serious wounds inflicted on him during a severe thrashing by his aunt.

The aunt bit the boy after reports came to light that he had acted out scenes of the South African soap opera, Generations, with his 3-year-old niece.

After being whipped with an electric cable, the boy found his way to the police station where he reported the assault on Wednesday afternoon.

The Station Commander for Molepolole, Superintendent Andrew Bosilong, confirmed the incident and told The Sunday Standard that upon arrival home from school, the Auntie locked him in the house and assaulted him with an electric wire cable.

The assault caused serious wounds on the boy’s body and he was later admitted at the hospital in Molepolole.

Bosilong said that during investigations, the Auntie told the police that while they were watching the evening drama on television, the 3-year-old indicated to her that they (with the 11-year-old boy) had imitated and done what they saw on television, though Bosilong did not say exactly what it was that the minors acted out.

The auntie, however, is said to have been suspicious that the boy could have had sexual intercourse with the 3-year-old. She said that was why she bit him.

The boy’s mother came later and was told about what had happened and, apparently, the family tried to settle the issue amicably among themselves.

“As the Station Commander, I have the powers to object to the statement that the matter had been solved by family. I am saying this because of the serious wounds on the boy,” said Bosilong.
The Auntie has been charged with assault and as soon as the boy is discharged from the hospital the case will go before the court.

Bosilong also said that they, as the police, have counselors and would like the boy and family to go for counseling.

Still in Molepolole, the police are holding four men in connection with a murder that was committed on Friday the 29th October, 2010.

The men, aged between 18 and 28, are said to have drunk alcohol at Borarakanelo Bar in Molepolole before engaging in a fatal conflict at around 12 midnight.

A man who is helping police with investigations said that as the noisy crowd mingled during the quarrel, he heard the cry of the deceased, screaming and saying, “Help me; I have been stabbed with a Knife.”

He said people ran away as he went over to help but said he had noticed one of the attackers.
That suspect led the police in nabbing the rest of the group on the same day.
Bosilong stated that the suspects have already appeared before the magistrate court and, because of ongoing investigations, they are remanded in custody.

He said that this murder becomes the 10th murder in Molepolole this year.


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