Wednesday, June 12, 2024


With just a game into the 2019/20 season, signs are already emerging that the Botswana Premier League (BPL) will have yet another bumpy road.

Already, sources within the BPL Management Committee say members of the recently appointed committee, which is tasked with managing the premier league, are about to resign en-masse.

The members of the management committee are Raymond Tsheko, Witness Taziba, Harry Koata, Spencer Kesebonye, Mother Theresa Marinah Phenyo and Kebafilwe Ratshipo.

According to the source, this comes as the committee has been sidelined from performing its duties as designated by the constitution.

“The committee responsibilities and duties are no longer done by the tasked committee but solely by the chairperson and one influential premier league team financier (name withheld) from a Gaborone club. He has taken the control of the committee and things go his way,” said a source.

According to the source, the management committee which it was agreed to be chaired by the BPL Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thabo Styles Ntshinogang who has since been redeployed to the BFA as an administrator was not advised as to who replaced the chairperson.

“The BPL board and the Raymond Tsheko have teamed up and administer fixtures without the involvement of the league management committee. This is wrong because they are not empowered to do that and that is the reason why there were disputes last season in the league with regard to fixturing” observed the source.

According to the source, the 2019/2020 premier league season opening fixture between Tafic vs Orapa United was shifted to Sunday without the consent of the management committee.

“We only new of the changes from the media and we wondered who took the decision to change fixtures without the knowledge of the committee. All this will backfire because it is unprocedural and goes against the principle of fairness,” observed the source.

Tafic and Orapa united fixtures have been moved because he stadium is not available on the day as it will be used for Rugby match.

The management committee is responsible for the control, administration and running of league fixtures and other competitions.

Going forward, he said, the committee members have decided to resign in numbers the day they are going to be called for meeting.

“We are waiting for the premier league board to convene a meeting with us and we will resign because some of the fixtures that were played would have not been sanctioned by the committee. We cannot ignore our mandate and become ceremonial committee,” said the source.

It is said the financier, who is has interest in fixturing, is preparing for his favourite presidential candidate and his team to sail through in next year’s BFA National Executive Committee elections (NEC).

In the past immediate season the premier league board was faulted in fixturing Miscellaneous and Township Rollers procedural and was advised that the league committee should be reinstated and be the ones dealing with fixturing.


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