Sunday, December 10, 2023

BPL moves to turn its fortunes

The stubborn elite, Botswana Primer League (BPL) is using the impending Botswana Football Association (BFA) elective General Assembly (GA) to bargain and gain its territory. 

With their votes up for grabs to the highest bidder, BPL has, with the blessing of the BFA, moved fast to register as a company in pursuit of turning its fortunes around. 

The move will also give the league an opportunity to speed up its aim of getting complete autonomy from the BFA.

Whereas the league was previously semi-autonomous, its authority was taken by the BFA as the league was riddled by internal wrangles and alleged financial meltdown.

BFA was then forced to act and take over the running of the league structure to normalise things and prevent potential harm to the image and reputation to its name.

With the league structure now with some resemblance of normalcy, the BFA is once again moving towards giving the league an autonomy.

Should things go accordingly, the league will soon run its affairs without the interference of the third party. 

According to sources close to the events, the proposed establishment of a company by the BPL has gained so much traction over the past few weeks.

It is alleged that the Office of the President (OP) has already approved the proposed name of Botswana National League PTY LTD to be used by the country’s top league. 

“The company is comprised of all the sixteen clubs in top league as owners. The objective is for the company to generate money so that the teams can benefit financially and eventually become professional and self-sustainable,” the source explained.

This week the BFA national executive committee announced a four men committee to drive the commercialization agenda. The four are; Jagdish Shah, Nikolas Zakhem, Raymond Gilika and Anthony Mokento. 

“BFA football association has embarked on a commercial route and in its effort to achieve set objectives, the BFA NEC appointed the transformation and sponsorship committee. The committee is to set up to accelerate the transformation of the BPL towards self-autonomy” explained Tumo Mpatane BFA mouthpiece.

According to Mpatane the committed was elected by BPL board and they gave them the mandate to look in to modalities of turning the fortunes of the league around. 

“the BFA and BPL are working towards changing the club structures to become adherent to professionalization club licensing. 

BFA has engaged former FIFA Development officer, Ashford Mamelodi to resource clubs into becoming professionals.   Mamelodi has been visiting clubs one by one in his effort to have buy in and work towards the desired transformation. 


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