Thursday, June 13, 2024

Break-in at Francistown Post Office

Police in Francistown are investigating an incident in which some criminals broke into the Francistown Post Office on Sunday night.

The Superintendent of Francistown Police Station, Cyprian Magalila, confirmed the incident to The Telegraph on Monday saying that they were yet to establish what could have been stolen in the Post Office.

“We have such a case and we are currently doing some investigations to try and establish what could have been stolen from the post office,” he said.

Magalila said that the culprits de-activated the security alarm at the premises and gained entry by breaking the windows. He said that they had not yet arrested any suspect and expressed concern over the business community’s heavy dependence on alarms for security rather than advancing their security with security personnel.

“I need to caution the business community to reinforce their security with physical security staff because criminals are advancing with technology. Nowadays it is easy for criminals to easily de-activate alarms and gain entry into any building,” Magalila said.

 He pointed out that a similar incident happened last month in Sebina Village where criminals broke into the post office in the village and stole some money and items.

Magalila said that it is possible that they could be the same criminals.


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