Sunday, March 3, 2024

Bridge returns from online to physical play

After the successful introduction and flirtation with online play, Botswana Bridge Federation will now return back to physical matches, as they launch the open pairs tournament this month.

Bridge as a mind-sport, is a trick-taking card game with other players. Although it is a mental sport that can be played online, BBF players claimed to enjoy the intensity that comes with physical games.

In an interview with BBF publicity secretary Mbakisi Malilo said the upcoming BBF Open pairs tournament will be a one-day event. He said the tournament will be open for everyone and there are no categories or age limits.

He mentioned, players have been playing online via the bridge platform, nevertheless BBF does not yet have a system that keeps records of ranking players.

Of the federation‘s progress Malilo said “BBF is working on having the system which will keep track of the ranks. The federation has managed to recruit old players who have played a while back, encouraged players to play online and has attained players who play almost everyday online.”

Malilo observed that the universal challenge is lack of sponsorship, and the funds from the Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) are not enough to run all the events planned for the whole year. However, he said BBF has sent requests to local private companies to ask for funding.

According to Malilo, the federation has advised various affiliated community clubs to host tournaments in order to reach more people countrywide. Therefore, coaching clinics have been held in the respective regions so that there is expertise in recruiting new members, he said.

Despite the lack of sponsorship Malilo states that the tournament will have bragging rights, the rewards will be as follows; First place will receive a gold medal and P1000, second position will receive a silver medal and P600, number three will get a bronze medal and a consolation cash prize of P400.

The one-day event will be held at the University of Botswana, Block 252, on the 6th November 2021.Registration fee is P50 per player.


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