Thursday, October 5, 2023

Bring back the White Man!

I have thought long and hard about this. I am now convinced something has to be done. There is no way life can continue this way. I don’t think I can tolerate it anymore. Neither do I think other people can stand it much longer.

Surely, things can be better. I mean, if we had the right people in office running the show, we could be so far.

But with every passing year, we fall further behind. As the rest of the world moves on, we seem to be doing our best to come in last.

Let’s face it, our problems are self inflicted. We have no one to blame, but ourselves. Some people have gone to the moon. They are now thinking of exploring other planets.

In fact, they are thinking of settling on the moon, and if it gets crowded, they relocate to other places next to the moon.

In the meantime, we are poor and struggling. In many societies only the people in power enjoy the fruits of independence. After looting they stash their ill gotten gains in faraway banks to prepare for the time when they have to run away.

No one can dispute that Africans are poor mainly because of their leaders who loot and pillage in the name of civic duty.
I am not for a moment suggesting that other people don’t loot. They are not my problem.

As an African, my problem is with other Africans. Why can’t we do things the way they are supposed to be done? I am sick and tired of all these civil wars. I don’t think our people can stand the blatant corruption committed by our leaders.

I still fail to fathom why people from a particular village should fight others from the next village when they are both drowning in poverty. But that is the way things happen here.

Sometimes it defies logic. I mean, are only African governments that can be so ungrateful?

For the life of me I have never heard of a beggar insulting a benefactor. But in Africa it happens.

Poor African countries have no shame. They can gather in a summit somewhere and insult America. When trouble comes in the form of floods, famine and disease, they plead for assistance from the same people they were insulting yesterday.

I really need to be honest. What is it that makes white people think they are obliged to help Africans? I think white people must wake up and smell the coffee.
It is only in Africa where the leaders can loot state coffers and return to their home village in triumph with little kids looking forward to growing up and doing their own looting.

It is only in Africa where leaders can feed their opponents to crocodiles or have them eliminated.
It is only in this continent where people can hold office and when it is time to leave decide they don’t want to go because the country wouldn’t cope in their absence.

I was born and bred on this continent. I am smart enough to know that everything is going down the drain. It is all so sad. But the question is: can we rescue Africa?
Heck, coming to think of it, does Africa need to be rescued or should it be allowed to die a sad, lonely and unlamented death? My wish is for Africa to die before we get into more trouble. With so much natural resources just what is it that prevents us from taking our place alongside the great nations of the world?

Why can’t we go to the moon? Why can’t we run things properly and not loot?

It is clear that Africa is not functioning. The few countries that could be an exception to the rule have been lonely and are now joining the ranks of delinquents.
We cannot blame them. Those countries were never exceptional in the first place. They just pulled a smart scam. Now the chickens have come home to roost. In the next few years there won’t be a single exception on this continent.

Everyone will be looting, killing, rigging elections and occasionally returning to the village to show kids that is the way to make it in life.

Instead of frothing at the mouth, what do I propose as the solution? Well, to me the solution is as clear as day. Let the white people return. Let the white man return to Africa and run this place.

I know some of you are gnashing your teeth and inclined to dismiss me as traitor for advocating for the return of the white man. However, I and many other Africans who are sick and tired of corruption, state terrorism, rigged elections and other ills afflicting this continent just want things put right.

We don’t care who does it. What is the point of governing ourselves if we cannot do the job properly?

Every African wants to go to Europe and America. The reason is because things work properly there. Life is much better overseas.

If it were possible, we could all emigrate to Europe for a better life. Given that it’s not possible, why can’t we bring the very people who run their countries so well, to come and run ours? We can remain with our independence. We can remain with the flags and coat of arms. We could retain all the symbols of statehood. We can retain our presidents and ministers. But we could have every single one of them working alongside a white man.

The white man will create prosperity for everyone. He will make sure things are orderly and that there is no corruption.
For the past half century, we have tried to run the show but have little to show for it.

These are desperate times and they require desperate measures. Bringing back the white man is the only way to solve our problems. Don’t insult me because you don’t like the idea of the white man returning. Come up with your own solutions.

I have come up with mine.
For Africa to function, let the white man return!


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