Thursday, April 25, 2024

BSA Business Breakfast

The Botswana Society for the Arts will be hosting a business breakfast today (Wednesday 26 October) which will be addressed by Michelle Constant at the Gaborone Sun Hotel, the first event to be organized under the umbrella of the Botswana Society for the Art’s new Business and Arts Project.┬á

The project is in its pilot stage, and is managed by Thabo Makgato, a young entrepreneur supported by the BSA.

Michelle Constant is the CEO of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) (, a not-for-profit company founded in 1997 whose primary aim is to promote mutually beneficial and sustainable business-arts partnerships in South Africa that will benefit society as a whole.  

It is hoped that this event will generate interest and support for ongoing investment in arts and culture by the private sector in partnership with the BSA and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. 

The empowerment of young Batswana artists and arts entrepreneurs is the primary goal of such investment, which also carries with it considerable social and economic benefits for the country as a whole.


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