Friday, June 9, 2023

GIPS hosts business breakfast

Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies this Wednesday held a business breakfast program. The program attracted a number of stakeholders, business people, churches and the public at large.

Giving welcome remarks, the Managing Director of the school, Mr. Arjinder Pal Singh, said the purpose of the program was to give people an insight of what GIPS is all about and its mandate in professional studies. He said GIPS aligned itself towards Vision 2016 education theme “An educated and informed Nation” and have their own motto ‘Excellence in Higher Learning’ which is also an integral part of their Logo.

“We pledge to contribute towards the achievement of VISION 2016, making Botswana an informed and educated nation,” he said.

“The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth and at GIPS we have students from different age groups and diverse disciplines. We sincerely acknowledge that path towards success can be lead only through knowledge and through learning,” Singh added.

Chairman of the Board, Dr. Burton Mguni, added that GIPS has become partners with various institutions, such as the University of Greenwich, which help them have relevance to the market in terms of their programs. Mguni added that the government sought to encourage departments to train their staff and, as such, GIPS is part and parcel of the initiative as it has various programs with different entry levels and is also internationally recognized.

“The programs are modular and have a variety of entry and exit points. We also believe to have relevant and attractive programs,” he said.

Singh pointed out that they always emphasize dual education, firstly at academic level, teaching young school children; secondly, at corporate level, improving efficiency and effectiveness of organizations to create a synergistic effect.

The Assistant HOD (IT) said, because of the current global trends and the digital divide, they found it necessary to align their platform to Information Technology related programmes.
“People have started to think outside the box and so many things are happening and changing,” he said. He further said things are also becoming more and more computerized these days hence a need to teach the nation well in advance of these changes.


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