Saturday, October 16, 2021

BTCL once again surges past the billion Pula mark

The Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTCL) says it has devised a three-year road map for change with measures and perspectives, combining mobile, fixed and broadband products into attractive packages.

BTCL’s strategic direction speaks about three key objectives, firstly the position in the mobile market, secondly the percentage of revenues derived from data services, a key growth area, and thirdly the percentage of revenues derived from converged services.

“We have been measuring our progress towards these key objectives in three perspectives: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, process automation, technology costs and stakeholder satisfaction which is effectively about our overall financial performance,” said Paul Taylor, the BTCL Managing Director.

Announcing the company’s financial period 2012/2013, Taylor said the Corporation recorded a significant growth with revenues once again surging past the billion pula mark to stand at P 1.375 billion compared to P 1.187 billion recorded in the 2011/2012 financial period.

He also highlighted a growth of 16 percent from previous years and added on the profit before tax that increased by 20 percent from P237m recorded in 2011/2012 to stand at P284m in 2012/2013 with the operating margin growing to 21 percent from 20 percent in the previous year.

The BTCL MD said total costs increased by 14 percent from P992m to P1.130 billion compared to the previous financial year.

“Revenues were largely driven by our mobile network which saw a 58 percent increase to record revenues of P325 million for the period compared to P206 million in 2011/2012. Revenue from Data and Private Circuits saw a 12 percent increase rising to P 510 million from P455m the previous financial reporting period,” he revealed.

He pointed out that on the other hand, BTCL Fixed line Voice revenues for both National and International fell by 2 percent and 7 percent respectively in line with declining prospects for fixed line voice based revenues worldwide.

On the Accelerated Change Initiative (AC) that started in 2013, he noted that the company has been able to secure funding in support of the progress. Taylor revealed that the substantial capital funding of about $80 million (US dollars) will also enable BTCL to enhance its IT systems and improve the processes.

“We are automating to provide efficient speedier and more effective service to our customers. AC also involves moving human resource assets from Botsnet, beMOBILE and BTC to a more integrated entity that better supports our fixed and mobile and converged strategy,” said Taylor.

BTCL Board Chairman Leonard Makwinja expressed satisfactory that the financial outlook for 2013/2014 is positive and that there is a significant opportunity for BTCL to build a profitable and sustainable business that is better able to support Botswana’s economic development now and beyond.

“Whilst a date has yet to be officially announced, preparations are now advancing rapidly for the privatisation of BTCL,” said Makwinja.

He stated that the 49 percent of the shares of BTCL will trade on the local stock exchange owned by citizens or citizen owned companies adding that it will be another milestone in the evolution of BTCL.

“BTCL strategy is clear. We look forward to the future with optimism. We will deliver on our vision and become simply the best,” he stated.


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