Monday, April 22, 2024

Business Botswana boss cautions against favouritism

The President of Business Botswana Gobusamang Keebine has hinted at the possibility of favouritism in the manner in which some business entities with links to the highest office in the land won the Business Botswana and PriceWaterhousecoopers Annual Awards.

Speaking at the award ceremony this week, he said “I hope there was no bribery for Wilderness Holdings Limited to scope most of the awards and being the overall winner of the Business Botswana and Pricewatercoopers Annual.”

He added that ”I wonder why Sefalana Holdings Limited which was the winner of the awards last year is now a run up in this year’s awards,” said President of Business Botswana.

When giving his closing remarks, Keebine, said he was curious as to why Sefalana Holdings is a run up when it was the overall winner last year.

Keebine’s remarks raised eyebrows in business circles with some observers suggesting that he could have fired a broadside at Wilderness Holdings which reportedly has close ties with President Ian Khama.

The awards were in five categories, being the   Financial Service Sector, Parastatals, Commerce and Industry, Best Designer and Best Corporate Social Responsibility.

The overall awards for Business Botswana and PriceWaterhousecoopers Annual Awards for the Best Published Corporate Reports and Accounts were last night won by Wildness Holdings Limited.

Letshego Holdings won the best Financial Service Sector, Motor Vehicle Accident Fun won the Best Parastatals, and Wilderness Holdings won Commerce and Industry Category.

The Best Designer was won by Hotwire limited while Best Corporate Social Responsibility was won by Wildness Holdings.

Meanwhile speaking at the awards, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Secretary Economic and Financial Policy, Taufila Nyamadzabo commended Business Botswana and Pricewatercoopers for hosting the awards.

He said companies are urged to prepare their quality accounts timeously and submit to Statistics Botswana for accuracy and timely compilation of GDP figure.


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