Saturday, September 19, 2020

Business Place receives cash injection as it becomes envy of SADC

In preparation for the much anticipated entrepreneurial empowerment year of 2010, the original sponsors of The Business Places this week showered the organisation with a series of cheques that amounted to approximately two million Pula.

Owner of Motor Centre and also the board Chairman of The Business Place, Satar Dada led the pack by pledging a cheque of P 500 000.

Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) also pledged 500 000 to the table for the next three years while also offering training and mentorship to the clientele of the business place.

Despite the difficulty it has been faced lately, Kgalagadi Breweries Limited, (KBL) a company whose statistical figures recently took a nosedive, and a reliable sponsors of the business place ,through the KBT contributed 400 000 pula to the development of young local entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, Barloworld and Investec, both pledged P300 000 cheques a piece.

Even though the University of Botswana could not offer monetary assistance, a representative of the foundation revealed that the university is able to provide human resource assistance and full commitment to the business place from the chancellor of the country s highest institution: UB.

The Business Place was conceived at a convention by the UB foundation when a discussion arose on what part the foundation could play in lending a hand to Botswana entrepreneurs, because they was a concern about the many local businesses that were failing dismally.

“By the time of its conception, there was a lot of failed businesses in the country due to ignorance or lack of knowledge as to what it takes to run a business, that’s when we decided to empower and train those interested in business ventures, the service offered by the business place is free to Batswana and is funded by the existing organisational sponsors, “said Dada.

Managing Director of Investec and board member of the centre, Martinus Seboni, revealed the organisation’s endless appreciation to their sponsors who have remained intent on sponsoring the growth and efforts of the business place for some time now.

“Today is a very important day for the business place and for young Batswana entrepreneurs, the money that we have received today will take us a long way in helping new and young businesses to bloom and become successful one day, “said Seboni.

Seboni revealed how the efforts made by the business place to empower our local youth has been recognised by other countries in the region.

‘It is a fact that we are amongst the best in the region, we are currently receiving requests from countries like Zambia calling for the Botswana centre to help them set-up their own centers to help budding young entrepreneurs in their countries, Botswana was also recently chosen to help Swaziland establish its own centre, “said Seboni.

Seboni asserted that they as the business place are always open to more sponsors who might want be interested in funding the organization s efforts.

The business place is collaboration between the UB foundation, the University of Botswana and its sponsors, CEDA, Barloworld Botswana, Investec, Kgalagadi Beverages Trust (KBT), Motor centre group and the department of youth and culture.


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