Saturday, December 9, 2023

Cabinet directive orders closing down of BNYC

Cabinet has taken a decision to wind down the Botswana National Youth Council, a source at BNYC has said.

A process is already underway to scale down activity at the youth organization before handing over its operations to the parent Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture.

Expectations are that in two months time BNYC would have completed its winding down as per the cabinet directive.

The current leadership of BNYC which includes the Board and the Chief Executive Officer will also be dissolved, The Telegraph has learned.

BNYC has recently been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The minister has had to intervene after it was reported that the Chairman of the Council was renting out a house and a car for his use.

The Chairman, Louis Sibanda is currently under suspension.

And he is unlikely to come back given that his Board is also likely to be dissolved, not to mention that the organization itself if it retains existence under any incarnation will be managed from the ministry.

BNYC is not new to allegations of politicization and maladministration.

A few years ago the then Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, Shaw Kgathi had to dissolve the entire executive board after he complained of politicisation.

On the other hand opposition parties in the country have over the years accused the ruling Botswana democratic party of using BNYS as a breeding ground for its leadership, an anomaly that opposition said discriminated and repelled many other young people who were from other political parties or politically non-allied.


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