Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Campaign for children to use seat belts to be launched

In his quest to save children who are always driven around on the busy roads and streets of Botswana while either standing, seating in cars unbuckled or leaning on their parents’ laps, Greg Losibe, the former BTV presenter is dreaming about a solution to save the children through a campaign he calls, yes, ‘Save A Child’.

“Imagine people who claim to love their kids but continue to have a habit of watching their children dangling in cars like spoons in a cup of tea. Out of frustration of watching what I could term ‘ill-love ‘, I decided to stand up to save the future generations. There is something wrong,” said Losibe.

He strongly feels that it is time that every car should be equipped with seat belts that suit kids from kindergarten to primary schools.

He is convinced that children will be spared during road accidents and further reduce the risk of injury or death in a collision.

With laws that seem to discriminate the minor children in transit, Losibe does not hide his intention to advocate for a law to protect children in transit.

His intention is to impart knowledge among parents and drivers who ferry children to primary schools and kindergartens.

Losibe believes that even without the help of legislation, education has to remain the integral part of “Save A Child” campaign that will save the little innocence souls in our society.

He is adamant that education has the potential to change the mindset of people and motorists who always ferry children from schools and back home.

“Currently, we have managed to distribute the pamphlets during the Easter Holidays at road blocks. This was made possible by the Botswana Police Service who endorsed the idea, not forgetting Liberty Insurance, which has provided us with clothing during our campaign. We were able to distribute the pamphlets at road blocks with the help of University of Botswana students who had volunteered,” added Losibe.

Losibe says the campaign is currently concentrated in Gaborone and the surrounding areas because most of the volunteers who have shown support are in the vicinity of the greater city.
He believes that with more volunteers, the campaign can even be felt in rural places because the issue is not only emanating from Gaborone.

Losibe notes that more volunteers are needed to spearhead the campaign for the benefit our future leaders.

Losibe is worried that parents are always wearing their seatbelts when they are driving while defenceless kids are left on their own.

According to him the campaign is not only restricted to parents who ferry their children to destinations.

“Everyone has a child and there is need for individuals to equip his/her car with seatbelts that are conducive to the young bloods. Imagine ferrying someone from Gaborone to Mahalapye while he/she has a kid in a car without seats belts for the child. Wherever accidents take place, these kids are not protected,” he said.

Losibe intends to match to parliament for the sole intention to convince legislators to come up with a law that will compel everyone who has a car to have seatbelts that are user friendly to children.

He is happy that since the campaign started it was graced by safety partners, including police, fire and emergency services, community groups and health care professionals.

“There are other experts who can be brought on board, but we have not yet found anyone,” he added.


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