Thursday, July 18, 2024

Campaign waged to raise awareness on investment amongst the youth


A movement entitled “#MoneyLanguage Campaign,” has been set up by some of the University of Botswana students to teach the youths about the importance of saving and doing investment.

“We are targeting mostly the youth and students at senior schools; those that come to university because they are introduced to a world of finance thus those who have never had money and now are exposed to many things. We are trying to show them that even with the little they have, they can go a long way,” said the Project Manager-Thato Motlhalamme.

Further he said they are also looking at the fact that tertiary students who have qualifications are also unemployed but if they could have saved or invested from first year, they could have reduced unemployment as they could have had enough money to start a business by the time they finish at 4th year and then actually employ other people.

He emphasized that as a final year student, he realizes that the struggle is real when one finish school and they want support from Batswana; to come when they call them to attend their seminars.

“Next week we are going to Gaborone Senior School (GSS) by just doing an outreach, then Ledumang Senior, Good Hope Senior and Moshupa senior will follow later,” he said.

Motlhalamme mentioned that they are also planning outreach at malls and while at the same time keep addressing the issues on social media platforms because that is where they will meet lots of youth.

Meanwhile Publicity Manager of the campaign-Amantle Makhwengwe noted; “Most of people who save, save for the sake of emergency but we want to persuade people to save with the mindset of investing using their savings.”

Adding that there has been also a reduction in mortgage loans offered by banks which is caused by inability of payment by those who apply for such loans because if they could have had savings they would have been able to pay back.

“Investment is a very difficult broad topic to explain to a lot of people because it has things such as the stock market, bills and bonds and how they operate, but basically we want the youth to invest in business opportunities that can help reduce employment,” he said.

When talking about the challenges they currently face; Makhwewngwe noted that it is lack of sponsors as the only sponsor they have currently is Turnstar Holdings and as well as not having any promising experts who can help them in spreading the message.

“However, I also need to mention that we are working with Vee Mampeezy who has allowed us to use the slogan #MoneyLanguage,” he added.


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