Friday, January 21, 2022

Cancer Association of Botswana’s Lavender Walk under way

In their relentless effort to create awareness about cancer, the Cancer Association of Botswana has undertaken a 444 kilometre walk from Ramokgwebana to Bobonong. The Director of Cancer Association Botswana, Sharon Munyoro revealed in an interview that the route of the walk was chosen strategically to target villages in the north which are set to benefit from the association’s Francistown office.

As much as it is meant to sensitise the public about cancer, the walk is also meant to raise funds to open a new branch in Francistown. Unfortunately, said Munyoro, the public and corporate sectors have not being forth coming as far as donations are concerned.

“We have been asking the public and private companies for donations and pledges but we are not doing so well at the moment,” she said.

She added that the only assistance they have received so far is on logistics for the eight participants who are taking part in the walk. In order to attract villagers along the route, the association has enlisted the help of Dikgosi who will convene kgotla meetings where the CAB will hold workshops and spread messages about cancer.

By the sixth day on Monday, the participants had covered just over 200 kilometres. The long distances and difficult conditions had taken their toll on participants, leaving one on a wheel chair.

“It has been bruising and painful but it’s for a good cause after all. I am exhausted but it’s worth it,” said Kopano Mmalane, speaking just four kilometres from Serule.

For Mmalane, the highlight of the walk was their pit stop at Foley village.

“Foley was my favourite place because of the hospitality we received from the villagers. They entertained us and gave us presents and donations. They are poor people but their generosity is exceptional,” she said.

Acirfa Mothoosele is an experienced athlete who is no stranger to long walks. She said she was mentally and physically prepared for the journey.

The Telegraph reporter Ale Esi Makgekgenene is also taking part.

“It has been hard on some people but so far so good,” he said in an interview. The Lavender Walk 2014, which took off on Tuesday, July 1st, is expected to finish off at Bobonong on Saturday 12th.


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