Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Car-highjacker arrested after five-year manhunt

Peter Sebele, one of the most notorious car high-jackers linked to a car theft syndicate that operates in Botswana and South Africa, was recently nabbed by the police after a five-year manhunt.

Sebele, who is notorious for stealing motor vehicles from Botswana and South Africa and selling them in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, was reportedly arrested at the Ramokgwenana border post, while on his way to DRC.

Speaking to The Telegraph this week, Detective Assistant Superintendent Indani Rockie of the Serious Crime Squad, Motor Vehicle Theft Unit, revealed that they managed to arrest Sebele after a five-year manhunt. He added that the suspect was arrested driving a stolen motor vehicle.
“Sebele claimed that he was just hiding when he saw the police officers,” he said.

He is currently wanted by the Lehurutshi Motor Vehicle Theft Section in South Africa. The suspect is part of a criminal syndicate that steals motor vehicles from South Africa and sells them in DRC. He is expected to appear before the Gaborone magistrate court on Friday to face car theft charges.


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