Friday, December 3, 2021

Catfight over a boyfriend

A 37-year-old woman, from Goora Setsiba Ward in Mmankgodi, was this Friday brought before the Urban Customary Court President, Kgosi Dikwalo Monametsi, and charged with assault common after she assaulted her colleague.

Leseko Mogorosi, a Stock Controller at Just Bread at the African Mall, pleaded guilty to the charges of assaulting her colleague and suffocating her because she suspected that she was going out with her boyfriend.

The complainant, Cannah Thupeng, 24, from Dichibidung Ward in Mochudi and who also works for Just Bread as a cleaner, told the court that the accused called her on the cell phone on the 17th /08/2006 while she was on her way to work and told her that she wanted to talk to her.

She told the court that when she arrived at work, the accused asked her to go with her to the showers but the complainant refused to do so.

The court heard that the accused told her that she was seen with her boyfriend inside the showers then started assaulting her by slapping her and trying to suffocate her all the while accusing her of always being with her boyfriend at work. Cannah said that one customer, who saw the fight, intervened and stopped the fight.

Leading evidence, Constable Ditiro Phirinyana of Central Police told the court that the accused was not supposed to assault the complainant but that she was supposed to report the case to the police.

In mitigation, Leseko asked the court not to sentence her to prison because she was working and she told the court that her mother passed away a long time ago. She said she is the one who takes care of her younger sisters.

Before passing the sentence, Court President Monametsi told the court that he was worried that cases of cat fighting over men were increasing at an alarming rate.

He warned and discharged the accused telling the accused to stop fighting for men since there are plenty of men in Botswana.


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