Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cattle farmers in line for fat pay cheques

The Botswana cattle farmers who are producing prime stock were this week rubbing their hands in anticipation of fat pay cheques following Botswana Meat Commission’s introduction of premium payments.

“The BMC wishes to inform producers and stakeholders that the board of BMC has approved a premium payment of P2,00/kg cold dressed mass (cdm) over and above the normal export parity prices qualifying animals from July 1st till December 31st 2008,” reads part of the statement.

The statement goes on to say: “This premium is being introduced to stimulate throughput of the right quality animals to take advantage of the current high prices in Europe.”

BMC chief executive officer, Motshodi Raborokgwe, says to qualify for the premium payment scheme, the quota should be applied for at least 21 days in advance of the delivery date, the animals must be eligible for export to the EU and the animals with measles and from Non-EU kill will not qualify for the premium.

Further, the animals must weigh at least 200kg cdm and grade not less than S2, he said, adding that “animals of less than 200kg cdm and those grading S3, S4 and SM will not qualify”.

“The scheme will pay producers on the basis of delivery of a minimum of 90 percent of the animals pledged and to a maximum of 10 percent over the pledged amount. All animals delivered will count to make up the pledge even if they do not qualify for the incentive”.
“For pledges under 50 animals, the supplier will nominate a delivery day and should deliver within one day either side of this date. For pledges in excess of 50 animals, the supplier will nominate the delivery week and BMC will set the delivery date within that week,” Raborokgwe maintained.

Notes the statement, “This scheme replaces the previous Delivery Assurance Scheme” urging “the producers to take advantage of this exciting new initiative and to utilize the new amended BMC Feed Finishing Schemes to prepare their animals for market”.
The statement further urges farmers to contact their nearest BMC field office as well as the Lobatse and Francistown abattoirs to book quotas and also for any further information they might require.


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