Friday, July 19, 2024

CEDA donates to Serowe elderly

Last week, elders of the Serowe Old Age Home in Goo Konyana Ward, were glowing with joyfulness when the CEDA staff surprised them with food hampers and clothes in one of its community service programme.

According to Kgosi Sebatso Katholo, the inhabitants of the Home were brought Goo Konyana Ward after it was realized that they did not have any place to stay. He said the Goo Konyana people welcomed them knowing they are theirs. He said the council was supposed to take care of them.

“They gave us money once and now they are saying there is no more money in council,” said Katholo. “These people are really suffering. Some of them die here and fail to find those who bury them because they don’t know where they come from.”

Though the council stopped helping these people, Katholo stated that they continued bringing people from far away places to this home. “All that we are asking for is to be told before things happen. They once mentioned that they wanted to chase us here, and would like to know if there is any help for us,” said Katholo.

Serowe Branch Manager, Jeffery Jankie, represented CEDA, an organization established to provide funding, mentoring, monitoring and training.
Jankie explained that as CEDA they were informed that there was a family of five staying in Goo Konyana Ward who were in need of help of food and clothes.

“As a caring employees who help the less privileged, we took a decision to take part in and help these people so as to make a difference. We believe that giving to someone you are not related to is a gesture of compassion and love,” added Jankie.

He said they decided to make monthly contributions to raise funds on their own. They started saving in July this year.

“We did not rely on our company, instead we helped from our pockets,” he said. “I would like to appreciate the assistance from Metro Safalana, Jago Investments (Pty), Teemane Manufacturing Company and Mabogo Rest Inn, who made this day a success.”

Though they are now only five elders, Gasewame, a caretaker of Old Age Home, stated that when she first came to this home there were thirteen people, and others died due to illness. Looking at the condition the home was in, she said she did not think that she would last.

“These people are very difficult to deal with because some of them are mentally disturbed while others are suffering form fiats,” said Basewomen. “They wanted somebody who is patient, loving and caring, and I have learned all these things here.” She said all their minds operate in the same way, and they fight a lot.

Councilor Solomon Dikgang emphasized that they still needed more help. He said their wish is to put electricity in this home.

“If it wasn’t for CEDA, we don’t know where we were going to get the help,” added Dikgang.


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