Monday, January 30, 2023

Celebrities have become icons for black women

Black women’s fascination with their hair is a deep rooted one.
It is indisputable that women and hair, hair and women are inseparable “soul mates”.

The two belong together.
Women will do what it takes to have the world endorse that they look exquisite.
In today’s social and fashion conscious world, black women are looking to their favourite celebrities for clues to the next fashionable look. Seeing that black women’s hair cannot look like some of these white celebrities, the easiest way to mimic the celebrity look is by adapting their hairstyles; thus many black women have turned to wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces as the fashion accessories of choice.

I walked in the hair accessory shop recently and was amused by the large selection of hair extensions and hair pieces to augment natural hair. The amazing thing is that the designs are named after the very celebrities of the pieces; the likes of Rihhana, Beyonce, Monica, Toni, Alicia and many others.
Black women’s hair is beautiful if one intends to have it natural. At the same time the hair cannot be straightened out easily and is or coursey, stringy and mangled.

Because of this texture, women have resorted to suitable alternatives. Today almost every lady has had at least one or all the different types of hair pieces to try and harness a little of that glory upon themselves. They strive to achieve the class and sophistication that is associated with the celebrities.

If you walk in the streets today there are so many Rihhana look-alikes with the sleek bob’s wrapping half of the forehead, at the same time, having so many Beyonces long hair with saucy long curls.

The acceptance that the celebrities have established in the society is the same thing that black women are looking for because women focus on appearance for acceptance.

So many people have concluded that black women are suffering from a psychological state or condition of disorientation and role confusion.

Don’t think these women are suffering from an identity crisis, no. It’s only that they want to resist the stereotypes that have been associated with them and establish new definitions for themselves. Don’t think it’s a sign of internal oppression. It’s only that almost every female celebrity has her hair straightened out and classically done and this has reinforced the idea into our observant black women.

Thus almost all of them have resorted to these seductive hairpieces and extensions to enhance their beauty. As the fashion pacesetters, their appearance has become a standard for almost every woman. Society should not take this as a sign of eroding the natural black look but it’s just that women need strong positive images that are rocking the 20th century.


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