Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Charges against Nchindo swell to 36

Prosecution lawyers led by the Director of the Directorate of Public Prosecution’s Leatile Dambe on Friday disclosed to Gaborone Chief Magistrate, Lot Moroka that they had added four more charges to the 32 charges that the former Managing Director of Debswana, Louis Nchindo, is facing and one charge more against Joseph Malope Matome.

The four additional charges against Nchindo are that he had, on 11 of November, 2002 in Gaborone sworn to an affidavit before David Newman, formerly with the law firm of Collins and Newman but now a Lobatse High Court judge, that one Najmuadin Kader was a nominee shareholder of the Colconda Holdings propriety limited, a company in which he was the major shareholder, when he knew the statement to be false. On another count, in which he is jointly charged with Matome, the two former bosses of Debswana are alleged to have acted in concert and jointly allegedly stole the sum of P99, 000 which was the property of Debswana.

In another count, Nchindo is charged with having cheated the public revenue by evading paying to the public revenue a transfer duty of P99, 650 arising from his purchase of Plot 3084 Gaborone from the Botswana Diamond Company, a transfer which was due to the public revenue and that, as such, he had deprived the public revenue of money it was entitled to have.

Yet another charge relates to Golconda Holdings, which is represented by its owner Nchindo. The state alleges that the company cheated the public revenue in that it had fraudulently evaded paying the transfer duty of P99, 650 to the public revenue arising from the cession of the real rights in Plot 3084 Gaborone which transfer duty was due to the public revenue. The conduct, the charge says, resulted in the money being diverted from the public revenue and, therefore, depriving the public revenue money entitled to it.


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