Thursday, July 18, 2024

Nchindo goes to court to force government to release land

Former Debswana Managing Director Louis Nchindo has gone to court to try and force government to transfer land to his company so that he could start transferring plots to buyers.

Earlier this year, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime stopped the transfer of the plot to Nchindo’s company saying they were investigating the circumstances surrounding its purchase.

It has been inferred that Nchindo got the plot for himself, under the pretext that he was working for Debswana.

The prime land along the Airport road is part of a web of investigations against Nchindo and former Debswana executives, Joes Matome and Jacob Sesinyi.
Alone, Nchindo faces a maximum of 35 charges at the Village Magistrates Court.

The charges range from fraud and corruption to obtaining by false pretext.

When the case adjourned two months ago, the Directorate of Public Prosecution had made an application that Nchindo’s lawyers (Collins and Newman) should recuse themselves as they could later on be called as witnesses.

The firm has resisted the call, and has since filed an opposing motion.
In the meantime, people who had purchased plots and the disputed land had been advised that their money is safe. Infrastructural developments continue.

Government is, however, expected to oppose Nchindo’s call to have the land transferred to him.


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