Monday, July 15, 2024

Charitable organization to build community library in Old Naledi

Tlamelo Trust, a Charitable Organization based in Old Naledi, has devoted itself to construct a library in Old Naledi for the community. The scheme has come following the increasing number of homeless children, crime and children roaming around in Old Naledi.

The charity organization was established in order to oversee the welfare and increasing number of orphaned, destitute and street kids in Old Naledi and in Gaborone as a whole.

To assist in the achievement of this objective, the Mosekwa family of Old Naledi has volunteered to engage in a sponsored walk to raise money for the construction of the library.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Mathatha Mosekwa cited that their motivation emanates from what they have experienced as students in Naledi.

The Mosekwa family is familiar with the place as they have spent all their life in Old Naledi.
“What is more depressing is that the crime rate is escalating with the youths being the main culprits,” he added.

“We hope this Library will be able to hold the children in one place as they will be having something productive to do,” he said.

The two will be taking a walk of 317 kilometers, from Serowe Village to Gaborone. They are hoping to walk for approximately 5 days from the 3rd to the 7th of September. The construction of the library is estimated to cost about P350, 000.

“There is not even a single community library in Old Naledi; most of the children try to read from home and fail because of unfavourable conditions, loud music, not enough space to read and sometimes no candles to light the rooms, ” he said.

He added: “Life in Old Naledi is deplorable such that an opportunity of growth and whole person development is strained due to household poverty.”

He emphasized the need for a library, noting that after primary school children are admitted in different community junior schools in and around Gaborone, and a sizeable number of them fail to proceed to senior schools due to different circumstances, one of which is lack of a quiet and conducive study environment. He urged Batswana to assist them by donating to this good cause project.

Upon completion of the 317km walk, the family will have a family filled fun day with the children of Old Naledi.

The queen of gospel, Tebogo Sethome, is expected to grace the fun day.

Tickets will be sold at P50 for the sponsors and P150 for others.
Old Naledi has two government-aided primary schools and one private adult education center.


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