Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Chefs triumph for scholarship

Two chefs working for Camp Management Service Botswana (CMSB), a company that has been engaged by Debswana to manage the Cut 8 Project camps, have won a year-long scholarship to study at the International Hotel School in South Africa.

The two, Swize Koosaletse and Joalane Motseko, scooped first and second position, respectively, at the Chefs Competition that was held in Jwaneng during the weekend.

The Chefs Competition that was introduced last year brought Chefs working for Camp Management Service Botswana in Debswana camps in Orapa, Cut 8 Project, Discovery Metals Limited in Tlotleng,  Ghaghoo Mine in Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve to battle it out for the first and second positions.

CMSB, Director, Michael Miskin, who is an hotelier, indicated that the competition was a result of his love for culinary creativity.

“As a hotelier, I had an opportunity to work with chefs for years. We came up with the idea to impart culinary art skills among the chefs that are working for the company. In culinary arts, there are two important issues that are of paramount importance. One is about the person who prepares the food and the other is about the person who is eating the food,” he said.

Miskin stated that the person who prepares the food should be in a position to serve the food that will satisfy the customer.

He believes that the competitions were another motivating factor that will encourage the chefs to prepare food that customers will like.

He is optimistic that the competitions will increase the standard of skills among the chefs and possibly provide a career opportunities for them.

According to Miskin, the Chefs have a responsibility of making sure that the mining employees are served with food that will satisfy them before they go to work.

One of the winners, Joalane Motseko, who was in a jovial mood, stated in an interview that she was happy to have won a scholarship to go and study at Hotel International School in South Africa.
Motseko, 31, says it is not a coincidence that she is now working in the kitchen.

“I was inspired by my uncle who was working in the kitchen at Debswana in Orapa. I learnt a lot from him and he even encouraged me to go for a course at the Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management in Mafikeng where I did well,” said Motseko.

  She also encouraged the youth to follow their dreams whenever they want to do something that they love.
Jwaneng Mine Chief Doctor, Dr Mwamba Nsebula, indicated that Debswana sponsored the winners as part of their role in an effort to invest in the community.

He said that the Jwaneng Cut 8 Project is not all about expanding the lifespan of the mine but it has to touch the lives of the people as well.

“Whether they are master chefs of America or South Africa, who cares; this is the master of Jwaneng Cut 8 mine.┬á We should not only focus on expanding the pit but it should also touch the lives of the people,” said Nsebula.┬á“Imparting skills among the chefs is an investment. They are many people who have benefited from this legacy. Let our diamonds tells the story. The diamonds for the development story. We might have as well discovered a diamond from this competition.”

Nsebula indicated that there is need for the multi-million pula Cut 8 project to leave a legacy when the lifespan of the mine comes to an end, a legacy that is meant to impart knowledge  and skills among the Chefs currently working for Camp Service Management Botswana.


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